Season Four Analysis: The Dichotomy of Steven Universe, Character and Show

Season four of Steven Universe was not welcomed with universal acclaim during its initial run. While both the Bombs and select episodes like “Mindful Education” were lauded right out of the gate, anyone who peruses the show’s subreddit would’ve seen criticism lobbed against the season for the abundance of Beach City residents episodes and the lack of any Homeworld threat to propel the narrative arc forward for longer than a five episode stretch. And while I do agree that the disparity in quality between the human and gem episodes was an issue, in hindsight the brilliance of that structure has shown itself. Continue reading “Season Four Analysis: The Dichotomy of Steven Universe, Character and Show”

Rakugo Shinjuu: Dissecting the Final ‘Reveal’

Rakugo Shinju’s just aired its final episode, and I’ve never been more upset with a series I myself has confidently heralded as one of the all-time best shows I’ve ever watch. Those who’ve seen it know exactly what I’m referring to, those who haven’t should check the series out on Crunchyroll before continuing with this piece. Massive spoilers ahead as I attempt to come to gripes with that one scene. Continue reading “Rakugo Shinjuu: Dissecting the Final ‘Reveal’”