Steven’s Dream Analysis & Review

Today on Steven Universe, we begin one of the series greatest arcs. No spoilers for future episodes as per usual but, for those going through it for the first time, as the episode plainly indicates,¬†this is going to be quite the series of episodes. Continue reading “Steven’s Dream Analysis & Review”

Mr. Greg Analysis & Review

The foundation Steven Universe was constructed on is wrought with emotional drama and often my favorite episodes are the ones dedicated to exploring the fundamental sense of loss at core of the show. Typically, this only truly exhibits itself in Pearl-centric episodes, undoubtedly a deciding factor in making her my favorite character. Episodes like “Rose’s Scabbard” highlight a maturity and grace in the show’s ability to tackle complex emotional issues grown from the loss of the Crystal Gems leader, Rose. However, loss is only a singular component to the series’ background, the birth of Steven is equally as important, lending the characters an avenue to move on. In this episode, the most fractured relationship within Steven’s support group, Pearl & Greg, finally confront their problems and get resolution. Continue reading “Mr. Greg Analysis & Review”

Barn Mates Analysis & Review

When we last saw Steven Universe, Steven found himself in the middle of a precarious situation, the formation of two new unlikely room-mates, Peridot & Lapis. If it wasn’t made clear at the end of Same Old World, this¬†episode wastes no time making it abundantly obvious here that Lapis isn’t too fond of the idea of being roomies with a former enemy. Ever since Catch & Release, the series spent a lot of time developing Peridot into the lovable character we cherish today but poor Lapis was a bit preoccupied during that time. Coupled with her already defined issues, this pairing was doomed to get off to a rocky start. Thankfully, they have the greatest mediator of the 21st century on their side, Steven Universe. Continue reading “Barn Mates Analysis & Review”