Gem Drill Analysis & Review

Gem Drill picks up right where Super Watermelon Steven left off, with Steven waking up in his regular body to The Cluster causing damage already, and ends up delivering one Steven Universe’s best episodes yet. It’s not necessarily my favorite episode of the series, though it is up there, but it’s hard to find an episode as meticulously well-crafted & thoughtful as Gem Drill ended up being. There are so many elements here to touch upon as the episode wisely utilized most of the prior episodes and character development to deliver an episode with a cohesive and powerful message. If I had to summarize the main points of Steven Universe, I’d say the series is about relationships, individualism, and how those two core concepts interlock with each-other. No episode in the series thus far better illustrates this, than Gem Drill. Continue reading “Gem Drill Analysis & Review”

Super Watermelon Island Review

About two months ago, Steven Universe returned from yet another hiatus debuting two new episodes right off the bat. The latter episode, Gem Drill, is one of my favorite episodes of the series & I immediately wanted to write an analysis on it. This whole blog basically spawned from the motivation to write about Gem Drill though obviously, it’s taken me quite some time to get around to it. There were a few a big contributors to my delay, time, laziness, and perhaps most importantly, a lack of urgency. Not too long ago, I saw this tweet and it became apparent that it was now or never. I hope to cover the five episodes of season three that have already aired before the 18th and then attempt to cover the entire season as it airs.  Which brings me to the premiere of season three, Super Watermelon Island. To be honest, this is review is a tad perfunctory, as I a quite frankly don’t have as much to talk about here. Continue reading “Super Watermelon Island Review”