The Top Ten Series I Hope to Cover

As I made it clear earlier, I might not continue blogging come this site’s next renewal date. But if I do, there are plenty of series I’d love to get a chance to write about, and honestly, if I could cover half of these along with Samurai Jack, Wolf’s Rain, and Steven Universe, I’d be satisfied. Continue reading “The Top Ten Series I Hope to Cover”

Top Ten New Anime Characters of 2016

What it comes right down to it, what’s most important for me in any show are the characters. So while it’s a bit easier to just honor the standout shows from the previous year, I’d also like to take this time to spotlight my new favorite characters that were introduced last year in anime. Continue reading “Top Ten New Anime Characters of 2016”

Top Ten Favorite Season 3 Episodes

Well it’s finally here, after re-watching and reviewing every single episode in Steven Universe’s third season, it’s time for a top ten. Before I can move on to Season four, it’s time to reflect upon the ten brightest highlights this season provided us, at least in terms of episodes rather than particularly moments or story arcs. I’m a bit too lazy to configure that list but a simple top ten favorites is something that comes quite easily so without further ado, let’s begin. Continue reading “Top Ten Favorite Season 3 Episodes”