A Year of Dust Speck

After a year of blogging on Dust Speck in the Universe, the real question left in front of me is if it’s worth continuing or it’s time to move on.

The answer to that question is, of course, that I’m an idiot who doesn’t check his e-mail often enough and totally missed the fact that the auto-renewal for the site’s license takes place 15 days prior to the date I purchased it. In short, I’m down $200+ bucks and will be continuing the site for at least another year because otherwise the money was a complete waste. Despite the fact that this site garners almost no traffic on a daily basis (evidenced by the fact that I’m sure nobody will be reading this), I still don’t consider the endeavor a failure because at least I tried to turn a passion into something more. That perhaps my love for analyzing the craft of series I love would garner enough of a fanbase that I could conceivably do critical reviews of animation, or whatever, as a career. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, in fact it took over a million days, but that doesn’t mean I can necessarily continue justifying the one-time purchase fee for owning the site. I don’t know whether or not I’ll continue blogging come July 2018 but there’s a good chance that if I do, I’ll be reverting to the free version of wordpress. I’ll just have to figure out exactly what that entails in terms of features.

That out of the way, I’m not intending for this piece solely be dedicated to my folly. There’s a few good reasons why the site hasn’t taken off like I naively thought, most prominently video reviews are the majority’s preferred method of reviews, and I have a nasty habit of being unable to follow up on rare ‘successes’. ┬áRegardless, my time writing here has mostly been a rewarding experience. For one, it was a great tool for improving my writing. One of my least favorite things about reviewing was my initial need to do recap reviews, reviews that list plot points like a bullet list and add some comments about them. There are certain pieces where that structure was advantageous to the piece, like with my Bismuth analysis and review, but in general I’m not really a fan. So I was elated as I was discovering the way to review by focusing on the thematic point of an episode, or just focusing on what in particularly is engaging from the episodes.

Outside of that, I had some pretty awesome moments. The aforementioned Bismuth piece was by far the most successful review I ever posted. It garnered 1,533 views as of this writing, which posts my second highest review, The Premiere Movie analysis and review for Samurai Jack, to shame with it’s paltry 175 views. The Premiere Movie review was a ton of fun too, I still distinctly remember having a blast as I gushed about the series’ visual techniques and storytelling. I do wish I continued writing Samurai Jack more quickly, or at least reviewed season five as it aired. In terms of miss opportunities, this was the biggest one on the site. Totally shot myself in the foot there. Even though they’re my least seen reviews, the few Wolf’s Rain┬áreviews I did are also among my favorites, and there perhaps my most ambitious. Finally, in terms of highlight I have to mention the essay I did on the final reveal in Rakugo Shinjuu. Please don’t click that link unless you happen to have seen all of Rakugo Shinjuu, and if you haven’t, I highly recommend you do. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Anyway, the piece was therapy for me, because the ‘final reveal’ did not sit well with me. All throughout my shift at work I was just thinking about Rakugo, so much so that I knew I just had to write about it when I got home. I spent hours crafting the piece, searching for the episodes that contained the scenes I wanted to provide credence to my points. It was also just really awesome to finally write an essay covering a specific topic than more generic episode reviews. And in the end, I’ve got several thank you’s for that piece, one on here and two other on MAL, which certainly meant a lot.

This self-indulgent drivel has gone on for too long at this point so let me wrap this up with two more points. I. The goal of my reviews aren’t necessarily just to express my opinion but for the reader to hopefully gain more appreciation for episodes that already love or for ones that maybe they didn’t enjoy. So if you stumbled on one of my reviews or this piece, I hope I have succeeded there for you. II. In order to celebrate July, I’m planning on updating my weekly quota to two posts a week. I’d like to match the first months record of 12 posts, but if I can manage the ten or so I’ll be satisfied. I’ve got another self-indulgent post coming up soon, the top ten series I intend/hope to review on here some day, a whole lot of Steven Universe reviews planned since those are the main draw. I’m also planning an essay/theory post on Steven Universe this month, as well at least one more episode of Samurai Jack and Wolf’s Rain this month. Let’s hope this works out.

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