Drop Beat Dad Review

Of all the episodes I’ve written about so far, Drop Beat Dad is probably the episode I’m least enthusiastic about. That’s not to say that it’s a bad episode or anything, as I don’t feel that’s the case but it certainly doesn’t hold up to the standard of this season thus far.  They can’t all be home-runs but this was no foul ball either.

The episode opens with Steven helping Sour Cream help prepare for his “semi-annual deejay night rave thing”. It doesn’t take long for Sour Cream to get into a squabble with his Step-dad Yellowtail. It seems that whenever The Cool Kids get an episode focused around one of them, it’s always a parental issue that takes center stage because not long after that fight, Sour Cream is reunited with Marty, Greg’s former jerk manager and Sour Cream’s biological father (not that Steven saw the resemblance). Marty puts the real reason he actually stopped off in Beach City to have some quality ‘bonding time’ with Sour Cream. In the twist of the century, it turns out that Marty was just using Sour Cream in order to promote an awful tasting soda (Onion approves though). The resolution here is crystal clear, Yellowtail rushes to the aid of Sour Cream, saving the day and the rave.

This isn’t an episode laced with any clever twists or unforeseen developments, instead it’s a cozy piece about what really matters in a parental relationship. Blood only counts for so much, what truly matters is the affection and support the child receives and Sour Cream wasn’t going to be getting any of that from Marty. There isn’t anything inherently wrong here but it fails to raise much above what it sets out to achieve. Marty himself just isn’t that interesting of a character, though it’s nice to see the show incorporate people as selfish and rotten as Marty is. On the flip side of Sour Creams paternal figure, Yellowtail’s Charlie Brown joke was never that funny to begin so my attachment to both of those characters are pretty much restricted to the binary, good and bad ones. Regardless, perhaps the biggest disappointment with the episode is relegating Vidalia to a cameo role. I certainly understand why they did this, since the emotions involved there are probably too hefty not too intrude on the actual message here but it’s still a bit upsetting.

Regardless of all that, I still enjoyed this episode quite a bit. While it’s far from a favorite, there’s still plenty of quality humor to enjoy here. First of all, Brian Posehn is a national treasure of comedy. I’m pretty sure he could recite the alphabet and get a laugh out of me. Sour Cream is always funny and this episode is no exception, and for a much as Yellowtail’s joke generally doesn’t work for me, Sour Cream doing it to Marty at the end of the episode was a great pay-off. Marty commentating on Steven’s strength was also really funny but Steven himself was the star player here. His roadie dream is as cute as it is fitting and the “mic-check” joke was executed perfectly.

Overall, even though it wasn’t the most inspired episode of the series, it delivered several laughs and still told a well-constructed story. Among the sea of classics that season three has provided, Drop Beat Dad does end up being a little underwhelming but I still enjoyed it, and at the end of the day, that is whats important. The episode leaves off with us finding out the real reason Marty came back, a legal obligation to give Greg a check for ten million. I’m aware this is an abbreviated review but having seen the next episode already, I guarantee this being a breather piece was a necessity.

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